About CGarch.buldu

CGarch.buldu was founded in respond to the passion of his founder Adrián G. Buldú in both arts, architecture and visualization.

Adrián G. Buldú has a Master’s degree in architecture and urban planning by the Polytechnic University of Madrid, ETSAM, and a Master as a CG artist completed with honours.  Due to his deep knowledge of both disciplines, he is able to reduce them to the essence and induce emotions to the expectators.

Currently Adrián G. Buldú is Senior CG Artist and Cinematic Lead in Beauty And The Bit, always enjoying and learning with the best.

CGarch.buldu sees visualizations as an imperative way of expression of our days. We transform architecture into colours, light, geometry; into a story joined by music or animations.

We are engaged with every project and therefore you can feel the passion in every detail.

Enjoy the path, is the target.